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JRJ Enterprises is an innovative establishment which pointing on opening out the most modern roofing and construction systems in Kerala. The concern implies manufacturing, installation and distribution of world class Arch roofing, prefab buildings, structural roofing, GI Pipes, GI square Tubes, Galvanized Iron Coils etc.







JRJ Constructions steps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the durability of Arch Roofing and Instant Built Structure?

It is strong as concrete  building and therefore last  for the  same period  a concrete building lasts.

Is it more costly than concrete roofing ?

Not at all .  Compare to a concrete building it is never costly but last long.

What is the Peculiarities of Instant Built structure and Arch Roof structure?

  • Super Strong
  • Long lasting
  • Less Expenditure
  • Time Saving
  • Latest Technology
  • Fastest  Errection

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First Floor, ‘D’ Complex, Kunnathalummoodu

Kayamkulam, Alappuzha,  Kerala 690502

+91 94476 41122,

 +91 94476 41133,

+91 94476 41144


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