Instant Built

Instant Built

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It consists of factory-made components or units that are transported and assembled
on-site to form the complete building.

Instant Built construction is the practice of assembling a variety of components of a structure at a
manufacturing site and transporting those sub-assemblies to the location of the
construction jobsite.

Instant Built construction is sometimes thought of as a low-end and mass produced mode of
construction. In reality however, it is quite the opposite.

Instant Built construction is becoming more common, improving in quality and has become
available in a variety of budgets. Despite the perception of Instant Built, there are numerous benefits to this type of construction.
The unique cellular structure of Instant Built enables it to be used as formwork and side filled
concrete to provide sufficient axial strength and lateral rigidity. Our panels are strong, crack
free and provide crack free surface with less joints. The finish of our panels is smoother than
equivalent precast concrete/masonry walls and hence does not require putty application.
The light weight characteristic of our panel helps to reduce the structural element cost
including foundation. The durability of the buildings with Instant Built panels is time tested
and the water absorption rate is less than 5%. The resistance to moisture can be increased
by providing a thin membrane coating.The advantages that Instant Built construction presents for both businesses and customers.

 Eco-Friendly

 Financial Savings

 Flexibility Consistent Quality

 Reduced Site Disruption

 Shorter Construction Time Safety

 Instant Built components

 Speed up construction time, resulting in lower labour costs

Instant Built allows for year-round construction; work is not affected by weather delays (related to excessive cold, heat, rain, snow, etc.); the mechanization used in Instant Built construction ensures precise conformity to building code standards and greater quality assurance; there are less wasted materials than in site-built construction; there is less theft of material/equipment (and less property damage due to vandalism); materials are protected from exposure to the elements during construction; worker safety and comfort level are higher than in site-built construction; computerization of the production process permits a high degree of customization, at an affordable cost; quality control and factory sealing and design can ensure high energy efficiency; and cost savings through Instant Built can reduce the income required to qualify for a high ratio mortgage by up to one third compared to a conventionally built home of the same size.










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